Mid-April 2023 update


Lots of stuff today. Let's cut to the chase.

New name

Nikolyst was a pretty cool name what with the whole fusion of Nicholas and catalyst but after leaving it alone for a long time and coming back to it, I realized I don't like it that much now. I really want to go by Nick for my creative stuff because that's my preferred name offline, too. So yeah, Nick Zone!

Only free stuff (no price tags)

I finally have a solid job that I think I can actually stick with for the next 30-ish years till retirement (gasp!). Work is good, pay is good, benefits rock, we actually get raises, etc. Therefore, my current plan is to just make shit to make shit and get it out to the world without a price on it. That said, you're more than welcome to send me tips on Ko-fi if you want to say thanks in a financial way.

Not sure on social media

Social media kinda stresses me tf out so I'm kinda sticking with just Discord for now. I mean, I guess YouTube counts as social media sorta and I want to put the occasional oddball video up but no plans on that right now. If you wanna contact me, my Discord is Nick Zone#0042.

Possible podcast?

I'm thinking I might try making a test episode for a podcast about the stories / technical details behind sounds and songs. Still thinking about it.

Virtual instruments incoming

I want to start making some virtual instruments. Some will be based on real instruments and others will be more abstract. Saving up for SampleRobot to make the process easier.

Really complicated personal project

I'm trying to go through the hardware sampler disks and project files of a late electronic musician in a friend's family. Not sure what the final product will look like but I just wanna make sure at least some of this person's stuff sees the light of day, ya know? Especially since they were basically a completely different person in the months leading to their passing. More info on this one later. This project is gonna take a hot minute.

Now what?

Stay tuned on either here, Bandcamp, or Ko-fi for updates on my stuff. I can't keep up with a mailing list to save my life and I need to steer clear of social media sites for my sanity right now.