Licensing info

Everything I formally release to the public is available 100% free of charge. There are however minor stipulations about attribution regarding reusing / remixing / redistributing my projects. The short version: anything I release that's code and / or an executable is under BSL-1.0 & everything else (including game / software media assets) is under CC BY 4.0. Both of these are very permissive licenses. Follow the links to get details on these licenses and feel free to contact me if you have questions on them or wish to establish an alternative licensing agreement. 

  • All music released after 2019: CC BY 4.0
    • Previous projects I possess the copyright for will be gradually rereleased under this license.
  • Abstract / glitch art: CC BY 4.0
    • Please save yourself the hassle and don't rip things from my Instagram. Why would you want to do that when I have things freely available in max quality on Flickr? :D
  • Videos & VJ loops: CC BY 4.0
  • Code & executables for my games & software: BSL-1.0
    • This is just for the code & executables. All media bundled with my games & software (music, sounds, icons, documentation, etc) fall under CC BY 4.0.